Saturday, January 7, 2012

Heavenly Discovery

Play # 2 "Desperately Seeking Rita" (written by Stephanie Timm, directed by Meghan Arnette).

I walk in and immediately hear Keith Dahlgren say, "Not in my hair!"

Talking with the band. There will be a funeral dirge. NICE.

Meghan, "I'm utilizing your speediness today" Ryan Higgins, "I am speedy"

There will be skydiving?

Ryan, "All I know is that my milkshake brings all the sad sacks to the yard,"  as he practices his Moooooos.

Meghan, "Then they'll be drinking the sweet, sweet white nectar. It's wholesome. It's milk."

Bobby Temple, "Maybe I have some sort of nipple fetish."

Then they disappear to walk the stage...

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