Saturday, January 7, 2012

Church on the 8th floor

Eric Lane Barnes piece Faithful Voice-

3 part harmony around the piano and smart phone recording devices to help you through the day. "And I'll rise again, death can't keep me in the ground."

While the director Rob Raas-Bergquist meets with the lighting designer
"So church, church, church and we stay in church and then we set up the table."

Looks awesome, sounds awesome, Eric Lane Barnes continues to add to his strong body of work at 14/48.

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Yar she Blows said...

JUST to be clear: the song 'Rise Again' was written and made famous by Dallas Holm. Anyone who was part of that brand of folksy fundamental Xtianity in the mid 70s will recognize this anthem in an instant. The other song, 'Our God Reigns' was an actual worship song we sang in my very own church when I was a wee bairn.
I'm a little nervous about this play. It's written for realz instead of for laffz. It's okay to laff, tho. It's always okay to laff. Except, maybe not at your grandmother's funeral. Show some respect why don'tcha?