Friday, January 6, 2012

14/48 - The Process Behind Social Networking a Festival, pt.1

Jodi-Paul said I should (or maybe he said couldn't... I can't remember) do a post for the blog from abroad so I decided to do investigative work on facebook using posts from those involved to give a report... here it is...

14/48 - The Process Behind Social Networking a Festival, pt.1

‎RYAN HIGGINS - "14/48 gods, give me something fun. Or something excruciatingly horrible. Either way it's tome to become an alchemist and turn anything handed to me into gold."
* The item of interest in this perplexing facebook update is Higgins' use of the word 'tome' - meaning 'a large book'. A large book used to study alchemy. In a weekend which throws the rehearsal process on its head, I find it challenging to think that Higgins is going to sacrifice such an immense, and ludicrous, amount of time to study alchemy. Keep an eye on Higgins' performance tonight... and be very critical.

BANTON FOSTER - "is gonna design your brains out, 14/48. Yeah, you like that."
* I think this post is obvious. Banton wants brains. Banton has become a zombie. Being he wants the 14/48's brains, I would keep an eye out for the steering committee... specifically Shawn Belyea.

LIBBY BARNARD - "Night world. 14/48 this weekend!!!!!"
* Too many exclamations marks equals lots of nervous energy... sweet, sweet virgin nervous energy.

MEGAN AHIERS - "14/48 tonight! Based on the theme "headin' down south"... I don't think you want to miss this one."
* Yes. True. Based on facebook posts I also don't think you want to miss this one.

Reporting from the performative world of the social network... I'm out.

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Kate said...

Good investigative work Bell. I'm just doing the Monday(Sunday) morning quarterbacking.