Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday's Company Meeting

The finish line is less than an hour away, and a round of applause fills the air as Shawn Belyea calls the meeting to order.

Volunteers are sought and acquired to help Kitchen Master Deb Fialkow clean both HQ and bring out trash at the end of the night.

James Frounfelter, talks to the group about the various special scene change situations, and warning to please be aware of your surroundings. A lot of activity taking place in the vomitoriums, so keep an eye out for the run crew, who are noticeable by their all-black costumes.

Bring your costumes back to the 'costume shop' at the end of the night, just like last night. Thanks!

Curtain call is cued by the running crew coming on stage and clearing the giant bed from the stage.

And that is essentially it. The 8p show has opening night energy, the 10:30p show has closing night energy, and if you're feeling tired, raise the stakes.

Thank you for following and reading and leaving comments and for generally being the awesome blog reading people that you are. On behalf of Michelle, Holly, Lori and myself, good night, have a great week!

Come back next weekend for more 14/48 blogging goodness with Lori Rose, Linda Lombardi and Omar Willey.

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