Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tech Show #7

Show #7 - Larson vs. Whammy by Celene Ramadan
Directed by Annie Lareau


Have we mentioned yet on the blog that the events in this show actually happened? No? Well, they did. Exactly. Pay attention.

Lareau takes a hands-on approach and works with Miranda to set pieces where she wants them while simultaneously working with the band on the game show theme song. Everyone's energy is suddenly pumped and excited. Could it be the light at the end of the tech tunnel?

Contestants take their places and welcome to "Press Your Luck!"

Lareau continues to work with the band on sound cues. A bundle of energy she doesn't sit all through tech but conducts both band and cast through the piece. Sound cues are set and lights are ready so we go back to the top to set levels. Lareau adjusts some blocking to fit lights and releases the band to dinner. Final cue is set and we're off to dinner.

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