Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Slate

The Saturday weirdness that has been predicted by most vets, simply because yesterday was a pretty smooth event, has begun:
1) Most of the plays came in at 7 or 8 pgs (6 being the magic number of 10 or less minutes)
2) As play #1 director Pattie Miles VB reached into the Tom Selleck Can to draw her male cast, she quietly and somewhat confusedly stated, "There are no men." Staff starred blankly and realized they'd thrown all the actor names into the Farrah Fawcett Can. Sexless casting was almost the order of the day.

#1 "Kittens in a Cage" by Kelleen Conway-Blancard
Directed by Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom
Eric Van Beuzekom (no shit. "She's got her hooks in you, man!" said Susanna Burney), Terri Lazzara, Jill Snyder, Christine Marie Brown

#2 "Severance Pay" by Wayne Rawley
Directed by Bret Fetzer (BTW...the laughodometer was reset) 
Jamie Roberts, Shawn Belyea, Trick Danneker

#3 "Gertrude and Tonya Watch the Twitter" by Matt Smith Directed 
Directed by Richard "I get no men this weekend" Ziman
Lisa Viertel, Deniece Bleha

#4 "Going Postal" by Jonah Von Spreecken
Directed by George Mount
Jodi-Paul Wooster-Brown, Benjamin Harris, Evan Mosher,  Amy Hill, Betsy Schwartz

#5 "Boombas" by Elizabeth Heffron
Directed by Brian Faker
Keith Dahlgren, Annette Auger, Alyssa Bostwick, Susanna Burney

#6 "Revenge of the Goldfish" by Brandon J. Simmons
Directed by Greg Carter
Teru McDonald, Brian D. Simmons, Jason Marr

#7 "Larson vs. Whammy" by Celene Ramadan
Directed by Annie Lareau
Ben Burris, Dawson Nichols, Don Darryl Rivera, Kate Kraay, Shawnmarie Stanton

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