Saturday, January 15, 2011


I got a lotta lip for being a writer watching the 10:30 Friday night show. So I'd like to take this opportunity to explain...

I had to miss the 8pm because I am a celebrity impersonator and I was hired to go be Cher and Amy Winehouse for a company party in West Seattle. This is 100% true.

I bolted out of there, half in costume, to see the 10:30 show and I had planned on just seeing my play then leaving and I realized how sad that would make me...not to see the rest of them. So I stayed...and it was awesome and inspiring.

Yes, I am really fucking tired, but this is 14/48. If my play sucks tomorrow, at least I got to fully enjoy the brilliance of this Friday night experience.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a play to write.

What do you think I do, blog all night???


Paul Mullin said...

Who gave you shit? You give me some names and I make them dead, see?

Dante said...

any one giving you shit should remember in 14/48 you Bark with the big dogs or GET OFF THE FUCKING PORCH
way to be.

Andy Joe said...

Way to speak up, Leenie. Your Press Your Luck script was great.

I'm with Mullin on the beatdown.

LRose said...

You weren't alone. Annie had to dip out last night for a few hours and came back for the 10:30. I screwed up my work schedule, so couldn't be there for part of last Friday--and this I didn't figure out until the day before. I was embarrassed. And, not everyone can give a whole weekend. Please know that whoever flipped you shit didn't get this: Participating in things like 14/48 is not ever about being a martyr, and definitely not being an asshole about it to others.