Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost, but not quite

Phone rings. Megan Ahiers answers. I watch her eyes roll, then the corners of her lips smile ever so slightly.

"We almost made it through a whole 14/48 without porn."

Peter smiles knowingly. I turn back to my incredibly slow camera transfer. People are expecting lots of things from me. I find it amusing. I am far from a theater insider. I'm not sure I ever wish to be one. But I am a writer, so write I must.

Watching Linda's enthusiasm as she struggles with the labyrinthine corridors of the ACT inspires me. She fits in so well and clearly loves all she sees. I wish I were so bright-eyed. People do like my hat, though, and I've never been lost. These are the important things in life: appearance, belonging and of course extreme navigational skills.

Observations are many. Time is limited. So is reader attention.

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