Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tech Show #3

Show #3 - Gertrude and Tonya Watch the Twitter by Matt Smith
Directed by Richard Ziman

Band comes in with "When I'm 64" that recalls the lazy days of summer. Miranda wants to run the transition between pieces along with the music. While light board kinks are being worked out, Miranda calls the transition and the crew goes into action. Projector comes on, gobo comes up and the band perfects their bird calls.

Lisa Viertel and Deniece Bleha make for two lovely old ladies but don't turn your back on them.

15 minutes left. Coordination of cell phone buzzing and projector slide changing. Light level adjustment so slides can be read.

"The Snookie tweet is gone. There's nothing after Morgan Freeman's ass." - Richard Ziman

Set the fight and the final cue sequence and we're out with a little heavy metal.

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