Friday, January 14, 2011

3:50-ish All of the Holes TECH

Bret Fetzer walks in with an arm load of donut holes.

Transition discussed. Band works on the transition and...they jump into...A donut glaze jingle. Parking in the Rear. That's lovely says Fetzer.

Working on light wash. Band backlit...and well, since nothing really happening on stage, band runs the transition again.

No Adam yelling for everyone to be quiet so he can yell for a crew. This is another Keep Calm Carry On group.

OK - lights are ready to run with sound cues....nope. Not yet.

And we almost had another register on the Fetzer laughodometer...oo. so close. I'm told it's up over 20 now. I'm going to get something he can wear on around his throat so I can track tomorrow wherever he is. I'm going to keep talking about the Fetzer laugh because lights are doing their little clearcom thang and the keyboard is just working a few bars and the cast is running lines to themselves....and we're now 15 min.

Nope. Cigarette smoke is a no-no here, so, nice thing, but there it is. Just the breast bath with donuts.

Well, lets run cues for actors. With the band? Sure. Why not.

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