Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tech Show #4

Show #4 - Going Postal by Jonah Von Spreecken
Directed by George Mount

Mount's working with the band on finding just the right ominous sound. Evan Mosher's sporting some fine pajamas this evening. Opening blocking gets set along with placement of door frames and mailboxes. There's only 1 door frame and mailbox right now but the designers are on top of it and this cast isn't phased. Oh, wait, another mailbox just showed up. Ben Harris, Evan and Jodi-Paul Wooster are fascinated by it. (It really is quite impressive.)

Mount coordinates an apocalypse with the band. Yes, that's right. An apocalypse.

9 minutes left. The final mailbox and door frame just showed up. Cheers all around. "Look I have a set!" cries Mount.

Final light cue is set and a cue-to-cue is run. That bird calling from the band sure is coming in handy. We're running over time but Mount moves things along as quickly and fluidly as possible. One final special prop shows us. Mount exclaims "It's perfect!" and "Please Mr. Postman" takes us into intermission.

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