Friday, January 14, 2011

An interview with Annie Lareau

Hello All - welcome to the first 14/48 Winter 2011 Interview. I'm sitting here with Director Annie Lareau and killing Omar.

Me: So. Are you, let's try that again.

Annie: "I'm a born again virgin this time. Acted numerous times, but not directed. The big difference between acting and directing is the letting-go process (laughter). Just sitting and waiting and (laughter) hope to God everything goes OK! As a born-again virgin director, I am very blessed with a Wayne Rawley script and excellent actors, so the 14/48 Gawds are very good to me, have been..."

Me: Cuz tomorrow is another day.

Annie: (laughter)
"My biggest challenge was staging a piece that requires them to be in a small office cubicle on a pretty big stage. And my set is the most complicated!"

Me: What are you going to do for the next 20 minutes.

"And pray."
"And try--desperately--to leave my actors alone."

Cheers...this blogger will join you. Drinking. I'm totally OK with leaving your actors alone.

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