Saturday, January 15, 2011

14/48 then and 14/48 now

This morning while we were waiting for casting call and slowly waking up, I turned to Eric Van Beuzekom and asked what he notices from the old school days of 14/48 and now. He and wife Pattie have participated in over 15 festivals (starting over 10 yrs ago, some years doing both festivals in one year).

"It was a lot less then. Rougher. Like, lighting designer would say, 'You get 3 specials. That's it!' There's a lot more talk about getting sleep; getting rest. We used to party all night. Anyone could be in the band. It's also a platform for being seen, at least that's what I've heard a few people say. It's all still super  good and very fun and shit, for sure. Always a good time, that hasn't changed. "

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Dante said...

in the CHAC days you would be lucky if you got that