Friday, January 14, 2011

4:38 on the dot...Bridezilla TECH

Transitioning the biggest set of Friday line up to the longest titled show of the line up. This one is one that'll take a couple go's. Daisey chain of cues will create (it is hoped) a domino effect of action. Discussion for band complete understanding.
Opening with Blinding Me With Science (band has not learned their lines...I'm pretty sure blah, blah, blah deep as any ocean, are not the lyrics, even if that is the way most of us sing it).
"OK, I changed my mind, which is to say I was wrong," says SM.
Go back to end of BMWS for lights

And...GAME ON... they got it....nope. Not quite yet. But actors are on stage. Discussion.

Hey...bring up the lights. I need to see what's on the front of Ben's shorts. Is that a crotch star?

So. Kate & Ben dancing on the platform. DD as Japanese puppeteer. Teri with a wedding veil twice as long as she is tall and Dawson's bow tie is simply smashing ;^).

Dancers need music: Timewarp (again. No, really, again. And once again.). No worries, says band. We'll probably nail it.

And out with the Justice Dance of Love.

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