Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm with the band

I walked into the Falls as the band members started to gather. A couple of them had already chatted with their assigned directors, others were just getting in and needed coffee and bagel first. Things heard/said:

"Man, those guys (Beatles) sure could right music!"
"We should do everything acapella. Right? Like, stand there with my guitar, but don't play it."
"OH yea that'd cool to do a totally acapella 14/48! Totally."
"Cake song? (sounding a little surprised). Which one?"
"...should be something from 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou'"
"Nirvana for that, right, like..."
"Goddamn all these (??) lines in the morning."
"You rocked that Heaven song last night. You should do a Youtube." "Yeah, I'd be a virtual millionaire."
"What's that Nirvana song, 2 syllables, from Nevermind..." "In Bloom"
"Dude, his bridges are always minors"
"Do a flat 9 on the 7th chord"
"Use a syn-patch on that part"
"We need some sort of 50s Sinatra song, not a show tune, but something to intro that."

About 30-ish minutes later, they were ready to get rocknrollin...

#1 is a another prison. Only in-out music, no internal. They want the theme to Perry Mason (they pull it up on the computer and start riffing on the theme with a lot of laughter).

#2 Trailer home in Western Wa. Nirvana In Bloom. Discussion how to segue from Perry Mason to Nirvana. Not because it has a drum part, but do the drum thing and sample the riff thing. Whatever, as long as its easy to remember. The main character is Rose, so go out Every Rose Has its Thorns, so go out and Eric nailed it earlier.

#3 Old folks home. In with When I'm 64. Internal cues are tweeting F/X sounds. Something by Cake for the out. Heavy metal instrumental.

#4 No song, but that classical Spring thing (by Prokofiev?). This has birds F/X also. Raptors? And lots of combos of just birds, just Spring, both Spring and birds, etc. with a S F/X for a seizure. How the hell does that sound?

#5 Boombas... boobs and cheatin. They don't have a song or internal request. Maybe Cheatin Heart as exit with a real strong twang.

#6 set at a bus stop so Busstop by the Hollys? Director wants traffic sounds, sirens, dog barks, but all far away. All underlying sounds all throughout. Hey - we've made it play 6 without anyone being murdered!

#7 theme song for in -out  and a winning F/X from game show, spinning wheel of fortune, etc. Director will give a script marked with cues.

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