Friday, January 14, 2011

The Empty Flock AM rehearsal

All sitting around the table reading through and discussing what each line is all about. Director Faker gets them to the place he wants with, "Think of it like this: I'm an actor, you're an actor, neither of us likes children's theater, but I want my health insurance, so we're going to do Go Dog Go. OK?"
"Death provides for us, and so we wait," goes the line and the intent is now clear.

Megan comes running in to ask Shawn a question. She leaves. He thinks of something else and calls her back in. What's up? I can't hear. Jodi-Paul's response is, "They were supposed to be here by 11."
Shawn replies with something to the effect of, there are supposed to be 3 and something about some place not being open. What will you do about tomorrow? Go some place else, I mean, whatever. I'll quit! says Faker. Oh, no you won't.

It's a Beer Crisis. Not good.

Anyway, back to mourning the guy who died covered in honey, pants caught in stirrups and arrows in his ass. Doooon't get too Albee-esque, though.
Look how brilliant that is, my casting, says Faker. Huh? Yeah? Yeah!

Oh! I want Jodi-Paul to lead my mourners some day.

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