Friday, January 14, 2011

Bridezilla in the Moster Dimension AM rehearsal

I walk in while Ben & Kate are choreographing the "Murder Dance".
"Stab! Stab!; Claw! Claw!" with a hip-swingin, do-the-hustle groove.
That's going on on the upper mezz level of the Bullit.

Below, Director Carter is working out blocking with the other three. Don Darryl has a puppet, "the pet" named Corky, that bays like a sheep whose inhaled helium and I think is supposed to be Gila monster
"Make sure you grab my boob so I laugh" says Teri to Don Darryl.

Dancers: "We have 2 dances!!" Carter: "I want 4 by 7 o'clock"

And Ben is Capt Underpants.

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