Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who's Who this Weekend

Hey - if you haven't checked out for the list of who's who this weekend, plus other good-to-know stuff, like, how and where to get TICKETS, then I'll give those names to ya here (incl. fill-ins):

Writers (see play/cast assignment post from earlier)

Directors: Bret Fetzer, George Mount, Pattie Miles-Van Beuzekom, Richard Ziman, Brian Faker, VIRGIN DIRECTORS Greg Carter and Annie Lareau

Actors: Annette Auger, Shawn Belyea, Susanna Burney, Denice Bleha, Ben Burris, Trick they-pulled-my-theme-for-Fri-show Danneker, Benjamin Harris, Kate Kraay, Teri Lazzara, Jason Marr, Evan Mosher, Don Darryl Rivera, Betsy Schwartz, Jill Snyder, Shawnmarie Stanton, Annette Toutonghi, Lisa TONIGHT'S-MAZEN-HONOREE Viertel, Eric Van Beuzekom...and our VIRGIN ACTORS Alyssa Bostwick, Amy Hill, Christine Marie-Brown, Teru MacDonald, Dawson Nichols, Brian Simmons and Keith Dahlgren.

Band: Michael Owcharuk, Jason Anderson, Salo, Sky Lynn, Ron Carnell, JJ Moon and VIRGIN BAND MEMBERS Eric Branner and Gretta Harley

Designers: Banton Foster, Gary Menendez, Hannah Schnabel, Stacy Bush, Brian Stricklan, Maria Menendez, Michael Mowery, Amy Lazerte and VIRGIN DESIGNERS Terry Morgan and David (Baldwin?...sorry, couldn't read the writing).

Staff Volunteers are not virginal. Always need the folks who can play it fast and lose, when talkin' 'bout volunteers.

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