Friday, January 14, 2011

4:20-something Force Quit TECH

End of the donut show into Force Quit transition. This is the one rehearsal I didn't make it to, so come along with me while I find out what this'll be all about!

Mosher has been standing onstage for about 10 or more minutes with his pants around his ankles reaching for Susanna's breasts. He attempts to exit with pants at ankles. Yeah. Not gonna work, but phunny!

In comes an office space set. Nice cubicle wall, designers! Padded burlap wall and all. Desk, phone, Apple computer....

(Sorry...had to tie Dawson's bow tie)

OK, where were we? OK. Annie doesn't need to run it. "I trust you guys."

Keith at the computer and Brian sitting behind him watching...not patiently. Lots of non verbal stuff. Funny stuff. "Ahhhh...." "Uh uh."

Ah, computer hell. I've never heard of the E:/ either, and donkey dongs are always funny to an I.T. guy.

Comic timing is razor sharp, pacing is spot on and guess what? Actors know their lines!

Oo! I hear Blinded me with Science!

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