Saturday, January 15, 2011

Propers to the directors, Part deux

The contrast between George Mount and Annie Lareau is striking, not only because they have completely different color hair, but also because their approaches to directing are so different. Both of them prefer a strong sense of movement and broad strokes for their subject matter, but where Mr. Mount is relaxed, cool and verbal, Ms. Lareau is filled with nervous energy. She moves around, and demonstrates forcefully and clearly the spatial picture to her actors. She isn't directing traffic, she's creating motion. She's chosen an interesting approach. We'll see.

Back in the Cabaret, Mount's directing of Jonah von Spreecken's "Going Postal" is going smoothly. Even if the stage were on fire, I doubt that anyone would panic, so calm and assured is the director. It's very refreshing. The cast also is fantastic. The final day of a 14/48 weekend is rumored to be taxing and brutal. One would never be able to tell from today.

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