Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photos from Saturday night

Well, it's all over and lots of sleep was had by all today. I've posted photos from Saturday night's fabulous shows over at our Facebook page (viewable even if you're not on FB). I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peak in the the behind the scenes workings of 14/48 and the show photos!

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Christine Marie Brown said...

I saw the 8:30 shows on Saturday night and they were fantastic; particularly The Story of Us which was stunning and I wept. BEAUTIFUL work. Great theatre is at once so full and so fleeting, even when in a year-long tour or a long run; all that's staged must die. 14/48 serves up this truth in such a satisfying way, and yet I long for more. Kudos to all for such wonderful, vulnerable, joyous work. THANK YOU.