Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I had to come home before I fell asleep, so didn't get to say this in person to so many people - THANK YOU. What a fucking awesome ride. I love 14/48 - I loved all the plays tonight - there was sheer beauty on stage and I cried my eyes out a couple of times. And laughed, too, and I loved my play and the actors in it and what Nicole did and I'm just a little gooshy sack of love right now and I really really really have to go to bed.

I'll be back to watch next weekend. THANK YOU - to Shawn and Jodi-Paul and Tim and Deb and Andy and the bloggers and Michelle and I have to stop or I'll forget people and embarrass myself. I wanna come play again. Okay, time to shut up. It's time for bed.

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