Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday 1/15 Director's Meeting

Linda & I have a bet how many "Awesomes" we'll get out of Miranda. Her bet is 12. Mine is 9. I told Miranda when she walked in the room we had a bet, but not what the bet was. On to the meeting...

A five minute buffer has been added for tech for transitions. Not director's time. Only tech's time.

#1 goes quickly and director Pattie leaves quickly to get ready for top of tech.
#2 director Fetzer has a simple straightforward stuff with one critical zero-count out
(Having been made conscience of the "Awesome Bet," the Miranda words are now "wonderful" or "great."
so far, no "awesomes")
#3 projection on scrim, so projector will be coming onstage and need crew to wheel "line learning flesh units" (according to Faker) onto stage.
#4 "My gawd, man," says Miranda. Lot's of props! Phonebooks, Netflix and White Russians. AND food to be thrown, but not actual beer, milk and whiskey.
(that got 3 "wonderfuls")
#5 needs 4 pop cans stacked and rest the bring with them. Lights up/down. Nothing else.  "Do I need to be concerned about peanuts scattered across the stage?"
(1 "great")
#6 Great-wonderful-fantastic. (Miss Miranda is doggin us!)
#7 Annie has tried to write all her cues for the crew and band. Pile of money needs to be in front of the couch. How big is it? It's on wheels. Every theater needs that! Then the gremlins roll it away (laughter).
(Great. AWESOME....She said it!!)

Another only-15-minute meeting. Now that is AWESOME. Good goin' Miranda!!

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