Thursday, January 13, 2011

8:15 Thur 1/13: Get oriented

Who steers this thing? Shawn Belyea, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster, Megan Ahiers, Deb Fialko, Andy Jensen, Stan Shields, Tim Hyland (who'd I miss??). All year long they be the folks who keep it going (So, maybe not boo anyone on steering committee not here tonight cuz you might not get an invite for next time. Just sayin).

Intros of all the vets and virgins, but couldn't catch all of them and didn't have a list, so we'll get to that later. Apparently holding up a veteran cup for virgin-go-fetch-me-beer is not enough for this freshman class, so Peggy Gannon had to give some direction for SOME HUSTLE, SOME HUSTLE PEOPLE.

Want to know the Belyea Power Points? Go back to last Thurs. Same points (and some of the same jokes). Peter & Megan are your Artist Liasons this weekend.

Yeah Beer! (love that Red Stripe ad)

Hey - guess what? They're making a 14/48 documentary! Thank you Daniel Brockley.

Note from Costumes: Wear Underwear. Everybody wear underwear.

Smoking? Take an elevator to 7th floor and then walk to the 8th floor smoking. Do not mess with the Voltan on this. This is the smoking rule.

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