Friday, January 14, 2011

5: 55-ish....The Empty Flock TECH

"Mr. Faker yields 2 minutes to the sixth show."

OK - so band & lights need to run car accident for Kites a few times to get the zero counts down.
Oh, so that's how they'll strike the kite string. Of course.
"Yeah, the band gets to just blow them off....and that better not go in the blog."
Too late ;^)

Run that ending again and this time to Talking Heads "Heaven"

Umbrella skeletons, top hats, black caps and scarves silhouetted against the scrim, cross fading into thunder & rain. An Edward Gorey tableau is on the stage.

Lights are building, so band and cast run entrance again.

Brian goes to the balcony to give his actors a tangible reminder of the audience that will be up there who paid $25, too. Sight line issues are brought up for the HR & L audience and Brian has a double standard regarding those fuckers: "I don't care about those fuckers!"

Look! Shawn & Jodi-Paul & MAVEN Viertel...on stage together.

"Why was he horse riding with bees?" "It reminds me of my late husband."

You thought breaking up is hard to do? Try mourning.

"Complete black? Absolutely. No better time. That way they know 14/48 for today is done."
" Or for 30 min until we reset."
" What? We have to do it again!?"

Yes, we do and will!

OK folks - tech comes to a close at 6:15-ish. Not bad!
SEE YOU TONIGHT! I'm gonna go bug Omar about all those pictures he's been preparing for blog upload.