Friday, January 7, 2011

Rehearsal Check In: The Band

While each respective band is a unique snowflake, the one constant they all share is that they are extremely talented. This one is no different:

Nate Bogopolski (guitar)
Alan Echison (drums)
Annie Jantzer (vocals)
Justin Huertas (cello)
David Anthony Lewis (keyboards)
Alyssa Keene (vocals)
Dave Pascal (bass)
Heather Mullin (vocals)

Other instruments also represented and played by various members of the band: gueros, bongos, flute, nose flutge, goat hooves, shakers and an effects processor.

The group is working on the original theme song for the night at time of check in, which leads into a discussion for the sound effect needed for the end of the first piece, Brendan Healy's One for the Road.

Bogopolski says while talking with Ms. Mullin: "I'll suck, you pop." Ms. Mullin then demonstrates how she will do said popping. "Classically trained, guys. Opera. *pop!*" Such moments are bliss.

Tonight will feature music from The Princess Bride, some circus music and space travel music that transforms to a beach party. Mr. Pascal would like it noted that his mic stand also has a cup holder.

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