Friday, January 7, 2011

Rehearsal Check In: #4 It Is Written by Patrick Scott

Always a good sign: The cast and director laughing as you walk in.

At this point in the day, they are still experimenting on who will deliver what line, and in what fashion.

Someone has to deliver the line "Red Dawn is on Showtime." It quickly becomes evident that we're in somebody's dream (played by Virgin Daniel Christensen).

Discussion then breaks out, wherein they figure out that the robe that will be ripped off is worn by Christensen, not Mazen award winner Mark Boeker, which somehow dissolves to a discussion of how Christian parents always say they don't judge their children's foolish behavior, but actually are.

As your correspondent leaves, Veteran Kate Jaeger brags about packing the right costume in her bag this morning, to which Rob Burgess chants "Mom dress in my bag/mom dress in my bag!" in response.

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