Friday, January 7, 2011

Rehearsal Check In: #3 Exactly What You Would Do by Scotto Moore

One thing about the 14/48 gods of chaos: They're fond of certain things.

In this instance it is the all-virgin two character play. The two actresses involved (Terri Weagant and Sara Mountjoy-Pepka) are new to 14/48, and this is Ryan Higgins' maiden voyage as a director. So it's no surprise that the energy is somewhat crackling as I step in.

As Scotto Moore himself pointed out, he is known for bringing a particular taste of SciFi to his shows, and this one does not disappoint. At the time of this check in, the crew is at work on grounding the character motivations and the conventions of the world the piece inhabits.

Not going to say more about this piece, but I can guarantee you that you'll find it more satisfying than Michael Bay's The Island.

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