Friday, January 7, 2011

Rehearsal Check In: #1 One For The Road by Brendan Healy

The cast has just finished the morning's table work and will now get on its feet to mark the blocking.

The cast (which features Veterans Llysa Holland, John Q. Smith, along with acting Virgins Joe McCarthy and Marcy Rodenbornbergerburg) makes a point of stating that they are the evening's most mature and attractive cast, then set about dispelling that very notion in the minutes ahead.

As director Erin Kraft discusses the mood she wants for the top of the piece, it's quickly established that we're in the midst of a cocktail party that just took a turn for the somber and awkward. McCarthy repeatedly asks his fellow revellers: "Anyone want a pig in a blanket?"

In response, Rodenburgerbornerberg clutches a bible, Smith stares off into space, and Holland wavers...Awkward.

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CondimentGrrl said...

Oh, ha ha ha ha! One day, this will cause you pain and suffering!