Saturday, January 8, 2011

Odds and Ends

As expected, there's a rush on beds, linens and things; demand is such that the design team is looking at fabricating a bed for tonight.

There's also a candy house in the offing and five 'orgasmatrons.' We're sure that's the technical name for them.

"I can't wait to hear Chuck Leggett climaxing," exclaims Gary Menendez. This image is brought to you by exhaustion.

Ahren Buhmann reports that there are a lot more gobos that will be used in tonight's performances. He will need to install a disco ball, but otherwise no further challenges for the light design team.

Megan Ahiers is in the two-character play today (Brendan Healy's The Way It Was), her first such scene for 14/48. Also for the first time, she will not be playing a child on either night of the weekend, something she has become accustomed to.

Finally, we got a chance to check in with Jennifer Jasper, who expresses relief at having to direct today, after performing in the final piece of the evening. "It was pretty physical, so the low impact of directing today is exactly what the doctor ordered...I'll be done in...a few hours and then I can just let go." The flask is on its way, I am told.

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