Friday, January 7, 2011


the first shows have made it through the gauntlet. Regardless a patron helped themselves to the sound board during preshow to adjust the volume, the 1st half is a success!

As I wander back and forth back stage, I do a little hip-hop rockin with a pacing actress, and witness another drop suddenly and do a quick 10 push-ups, get up and resume pacing and reciting lines.

J-P Wooster gets the audience pumped, pointing out the theme, "Its All Part of the Plan," is a little ironic for 14/48, except when you throw together such a great group of absolute talent. Then, yeah.

2nd show requires a quick 30 sec of extras "partying" and this blogger made her Seattle stage debut as a jumping and jiving partier, yellow tablet, pen and all.

Oh and speaking of firsts: WINE makes its 14/48 debut alongside the keg. Jose & I thank you.

1min call for 2nd half....

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LRose said...

Jensen tells me we have Gannon (who is missed this weekend!) to thank for the inclusion of the wine option