Thursday, January 6, 2011

does it suck?

I just finished a play, but I can't tell if it sucks. Should I go to bed? Write another one? God help me.


Brendan Healy said...

Write another one. Am I allowed to ask what the first one is about? Probably not, right? I always have this deep fear that I will write one that is about exactly the same thing as someone else.

LRose said...

...and you thought you'd not be able to DO IT, let alone in just a coupl'a hours!

Maria Glanz said...

Well, Brendan, it's kind of, maybe, sort of, apocalyptic? I sent it to my pal S.P. in California and she said it was okay and I could go to bed, but I might write another one anyway because I am fairly vibrating at the moment.

And Laurie - nary a lobster in sight.

S.P. Miskowski said...

Your play is terrific, and so are you. You've got the right stuff, Ms. Glanz.

14/48 is crazy-making, and that is only one of its many charms. Last night was your crazy moment. Now you get to drink coffee and watch your fellow artists go crazy. As you are already starting to see, the whole damn thing is a blast.

I so wish I could see your play! Have fun. xx