Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alyssa Keene: Winter 2011 First Weekend Mazen Award Winner

As has been described before, "the Mazen is rewarded to Veteran participants of 14/48 for their contribution to the spirit of risk taking and camaraderie embodied in our process."

The Mazen is the highest honor that this group bestows upon its participants, and the recipients thus far can read as a who's who of the History of front lines of Seattle Theater:

Winter: John Kaufmann, Mark Boeker
Summer: Scot Auguston, Pattie Miles

Winter: Heidi Heimarck, Mark Fullerton
Summer: Christina Mastin, Shelley Reynolds

Winter: Tim Hyland, Tom Milewski
Summer: Carl Sander, Charles Smith

Winter: Tina La Plant, Annette Toutonghi
Summer: Tim Moore, Seanjohn Walsh

Winter: Teri Lazzara, Erik Van Beuzekom
Summer: Anthony Winkler, Matt Richter

Winter: Jim Jewell, Brian Faker
Summer: Basil Harris, Nellis

Winter: Elizabeth Heffron, Mik Kuhlman
Summer: Gary Menendez, Peggy Gannon

As you can imagine, you need to have an impossible amount of chutzpah just to do this sort of thing; so, to be able to do it with enough consistency that people notice that you're bringing it every time out is nearly superhuman.

So massive kudos to Alyssa, who not only consistently brings it, she has done it as an actor and as a band member.


Sweetie the Official Scorer said...

Yay Alyssa! Great choice. She was in the band at our first 14/48 and knocked our socks off.

Kate said...

This makes me very happy.