Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your First Weekend Bloggers

3 Days to go!  Here are the 3 fine folks who will guide you through this weekend with their wit and laptops.

 Gina Marie Russell is a Seattle actress, 14/48 Virgin and runs the blog Fashion Faux Passable.

Erik VanBeuzekom is the co-artistic director and technical director of The Paradise Theatre School in Chimacum, WA, a 14/48 Veteran and a Mazen Award Winner.

Jose Amador is the current editor of The Seattle Star, and 14/48 Veteran in acting, directing, playwriting and moving stuff quickly in the dark.

You are in good hands, Dear Reader.

Get your tickets here.  Don't read the upcoming "Friday 8pm is sold out" post and think "Oh, if only...".  That post is coming soon.  Believe it.

The Friday 8pm shows are filling up with 14/48 devotees eager to submit their theme for the Saturday shows.  We'll see you at ACT Theatre in just 3 days!


LRose said...

good lookin/readin bloggers whose posts i will be lookin forward to readin

Anonymous said...

So looking forward!!!

-Christine Marie Brown

Anonymous said...

*points* I know those people. :D

-Laure Yamagawa