Friday, January 13, 2012

Your Casts are Set!

1. How Barbara Bush Rescues America, by Josef Krebs, directed by Mazen recipient Jose Amador.

Deniece Bleha, Alyson Scadron-Branner, Colleen Robertson, Jill Snyder

2. The Feast, by Louis Broome, directed by Nik Pereros.

Trick Danneker, Ryan Spickard, Heather Gautschi

3. Whirlpool Bath, by Sean Nelson, directed by Wayne Rawley

Dave Clapper, Corey McDaniel, Nick Edwards, Christine Marie-Brown

4. There Are Three Ravens, by Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom, directed by Stan Shields

Tracy Leigh, Karen Gruber Ryan, Nora Elges, Teri Lazzara, Mark Fullerton

5. Hold, by Nick Stokes, directed by Erik Van Beuzekom

Mik Kuhlman, Zoey Belyea, Amy Hill, Scott Nollette

6. The Fourth Wall Kid, by Emily Conbere, directed by Jennifer Jasper

Keira McDonald, Brandon Felker

7. There Are at Least Two Lukes at Ballard High School, by Susan Stahl, directed by Paul Budraitis

Evan Whitfield, Shane Regan, Adria LaMorticella, Amanda Williams, Sylvester Kamara

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