Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tech Show #7 SHHHHHHH! by Celene Ramadan

The over riding sense among the crew right now is of conserving energy.

I've seen this before on Saturday, and it will make a quick turnaround the moment the audience lights go out. As dinner is served, performers essentially refuel with enough time to digest and give one final push.

Aimee Bruneau and Sarah Mountjoy-Pepka walk through the stage, working out specific moments, making sure they both feel safe and nothing needs changing. Helen Harvester is really pissed off at someone, giving a particularly animated bird flipping to the target of that anger. There's a very unique form of audience interaction happening in this piece, and thankfully, no one will be made to feel awkward.

There are at least three or four different types of theatrical disciplines happening on one half of the stage, while about as many transgressions are happening on the other half.

And we're out!

This is going to be an interesting night of theater, people. Be here or be squee...uhm.

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