Friday, January 6, 2012

Tech Show #7 Downsizing

Show #7! Last show of the night! Also the biggest cast of the night! Director Tim Moore starts with establishing the dings! The band makes cars driving by noises! MJ Sieber sits in the house to watch the run through! The transition is rehearsed! The band moves from a spiritual to The Girl from Ipanema! The most apt metaphor for LinkedIn ever! The tallest building in the world! Gumball machines as character development! Lisa Branham is adorable! So is Libby Barnard! Michael Patten is sleazy and macking on Shoshana! "White Bluffs" is code! Granny pants float effortlessly! Same can't be said for watermelons!

What the hell am I talking about? Only one way to find out.

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