Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tech Show #6 Quick Change by MJ Sieber

Shawnmarie Stanton sings about loving cookies, which ends, appropriately enough, in a festive "COOKIES!" Very cute voice used for this effect. The band agrees and cheers her on.

We are back stage at a kid's theater production, with a dresser played by Libby Barnard. Sam Hagen and Lisa Branham are actors in it, and they are a cynical bunch, which as we know is exactly the case.

Sam adds to his menagerie of large anthropomorphized animals on the performance resume.

Line: "God invented actors so that prostitutes could feel better about themselves."

Matt Middleton, an off-stage (for the moment) peanut gallery: "But prostitutes get paid."

Moments are ironed out and we move into the transition...

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