Friday, January 6, 2012

Tech Show #2 Dream Come True

Some time is spent working the transition from show #1, and it's running pretty smoothly before long.

As we head into tech for Juliet Waller-Pruzan's piece, Sammi Detzer has the tech crew lower the table they are using as a desk, so she won't seem so small behind it. While that goes on, the accordion is working through a polka version of Aha's "Take On Me," something that would make Weird Al Yankovic feel proud.

There is a small transition in the middle of the piece where Sammi Detzer and Paul Mullin switch characters and adopt a ridiculous accent (the second such in the play so far), which they get to run a few times after the run through the tech cues. This piece is in keeping with Juliet's neo-fable sensibilities, giving us views of our everyday world through an off-beat lens.

And we move into the transition into show #3...

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