Friday, January 6, 2012

Tech Show #1 Duck/Penguin

As the tech crew goes through the cues necessary for the preshow speech/opening number, Kaleb Kerr intones "it's important to give the Mazen Award winner tight pants to walk around in." It's true, especially fitting for a penguin, you should note.

Tech rehearsals, like everything else at 14/48, is something of a crucible. A lot of stuff needs to happen in the 20 minutes alloted for each play in the evening; 20 minutes isn't really a long time, spend time focusing on one single aspect, the stage manager's call can go from 18 minutes to 4 minutes without you really noticing it.

Things seem to be running smoothly, however, and rather quickly, the cast begins a walk through.

Okay, the penguins are a swinging couple and the ducks are kind of uptight. The ducks followed their instinct to fly south a little too far, it seems. Tonya Andrews makes for a rather tempting penguin, it must be said.

They go over the tech heavy portions of the piece, which includes the climactic moment which involves every member of the cast, and now they are going over the wrinkles in the time left over before we move on to the next show.

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