Friday, January 13, 2012

Tech #2, The Feast

Louis Broome's "The Feast," in the earliest moments of its tech run, succeeds in living up to director Nik Perleros' descriptors, "dark and beautiful." The band powerfully and sparsely comments on the play, providing a punctuating and eerie auditory element to supplement a strong visual aesthetic. I must remark on the director's way with silhouette, it's seizing.

Shapes, physical forms, and tableaux seem to be a priority for this production, at least in tech. For this reason the vast majority of rehearsal has been spent planning light, most of the remainder planning sound, very little running dialogue. From what little I've seen of the story words like, "torture," "longing," and "captivity" come to mind.

The ensemble has run through all of their cues, and seems assured of where they stand in preparation for the eight o'clock show. Good work.

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