Friday, January 13, 2012

Tech #1, How Barbara Bush Rescues America, part two

"How Barbara Bush Rescues America" is a farcical prodding of some of the foremost women of modern and recent American politics. It exaggerates the personalities and quirks of some of our most recognizable (ripe for parody) political celebrities, imagining a world in which affiliations and powers had landed a little differently, envisioning a hilarious (and, in its way, terrifying) alternate reality.

With more than a few light and sound cues, tech has been comprised mostly of dialing in changes, cross-fades, and transitions, preventing the ensemble from running the play at large. So though impressed by and enthusiastic about the show, I'll have to wait till eight o'clock to enjoy the narrative in its intended fullness.

All told, a promising tech run of what looks to be a very funny lampooning. Jose yields the remainder of his time--he must be confident in what just got done.

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