Friday, January 6, 2012

Show #7

Virgin Director Tim Moore leading his cast in a blocking moment.

"I want a little bit of a beat before the Nicholas Cage thing. So let's take it from the Rabbit line."

Erin interrupts with the tracking sheet, getting the actors to initial names for the program. The actors pause to look and initial. Tim with a broad smile on his face.

"Damnit, I'm trying to rehearse a play, it opens tonight....."

Trick Danneker cracks up and Michael Patten shakes his head. They are in the thick of it and having fun.

"We have a show at 8:00!"

Erin give Tim a kiss on the cheek and slips out the door. Tim joking and easing the actors out into their moment of playing like any pro would by encouraging the "Go big or go home." motto.

"And Lisa that's one of those moments, you are in your own world." Tim continues directing.

Yes we are in our own world here.....

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