Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Scoop From the Band Groupie, I mean, Band Liaison

Longtime reader, first-time poster - I'm Michelle Chiachiere, a vet actor who's volunteering as the band liaison today.

Best volunteer gig ever? Not only is the band extremely attractive and jam-packed with talent, they're also mighty self-sufficient. Not much "liaising" needed.

So I'm going to sneak over to the blog and tell y'all what it's like to be the 14/48 band groupie - because it's high time you knew, fair readers, how your favorite festival band makes the magic happen. And it's fun for me to shadow these guys all day - I usually just get to benefit from their brilliance when we share the stage.

The scoop as I've seen it so far:

10ish: Band members arrive and make their way through the seven scripts - as they read, several say the equivalent of, "Porn scores and harp glisses - yep, it's 14/48."

Three of the nine-person band show up with swell ideas for original songs, scrumptiously inspired by "Delicious Indiscretion," and they're excited to share their inspirations.

10:30ish: As rehearsals get started around the building, the band scatters to meet with directors and hear the needs of each play. The big band meeting starts when they all return and report their findings.

This meeting shows me the band's got three primary challenges to juggle:

1 ) Create the original theme song - and because they're over-achievers, today they may have as many as three.

2) Intros and outros for each of the seven plays. Sometimes the director has a very clear song choice in mind and sometimes the band gets something broader like "any kind of celebratory love song."

3) All kinds of foley effects and acting moments. I mean, seriously, these guys are magicians. I've been in enough 14/48 rehearsals where the director's said, "We'll just get the band to do that for us." Har har.

Luckily, this band is game for it all. You'll see some acting. You'll also see more live foley effects than you can shake a stick at.

And a horn section, y'all! You lucky, lucky audience.

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Yar she Blows said...

This is, seriously, the best 14/48 band I've heard yet. And I've been in several of them.

Bands. Not band members. Dammit, get your mind out of the gutter.