Friday, January 6, 2012

Rehearsal Check In: #5 Terrible Hostess By Stephanie Timm

Actors are experimenting with line delivery as I step in; Aimee Bruneau drawls "I'M NOT ANGRY, I'M NOT AFRAID" repeatedly in a drawl, while Christine White is punching her hand -- Liaison Assistant Erin Fetridge comes in asking actors to check the spelling of their name in the program.

Then director Rob Bergquist leads the group in a discussion over how much to do a certain portion of a fight sequence in slow motion. To Aimee "if we go with slow motion, we could also lose the funnel, and stay with the bat..."

Character names mentioned while sitting in with the group: Twinkie, Ho Ho and Twinkie's little brother, Zinger.

The characters in Timm's play are gearing up for some kind of reconnaissance mission, and are checking their inventory before proceeding. "Grappling Hook." Check. "Duct tape." Check. "Black clothing." Check. "Tootsie Pops." ... "Tootsie Pops?" ...

Apparently the tootsie pops are the most important part of the gear.

Over in the corner, Helen Harvester waits for her entrance. What is her part in all this?

Find out tonight.

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