Friday, January 6, 2012

Rehearsal Check In: #2 Dream Come True by Juliet Waller-Pruzan

Director Meghan Arnette is going through and looking at sightlines and stage pictures; the group is going through a stop-n-go rehearsal to solidify business and motivation before moving on with the rest of their day.

We are in the office of a business called "Dreams Come True," virgin actor Paul Mullin and Keith Dahlgren are speaking with fake Russian accent (all accents at 14/48 are fake); Sammie Detzer is the attendant.

Stop-n-go rehearsals are exactly what it sounds like, and feel like stutter steps and little progress is being made; this belies the fact, however, that they tend to be huge time savers later in the day. It may be arduous to go through at the moment, but when things are gliding along late in the afternoon, the time spend now is worth it.

Not that everything is business; as I leave the room the Paul and Meghan have a brief philosophical discussion over whether the chair is a chair or a staircase.

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