Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playwright Daniel Tarker

EVB-"So how do feel about your piece today?"

DT-"Actually I feel real good about it, it's a strong piece."

EVB- Different then last night?"

DT- Yeah Completely different."

EVB-"How so?"

DT-"It's more of a comedy, it's broader."

EVB-"Did it come to you quickly?"

DT-"It did, I got home right around 11pm, made a cup of coffee, about 2 hours later I had a rough draft. Had a glass of wine and it was good to go...."

EVB-"Do you like the process."

DT-Yes, it forces you to make a commitment and just go with it."

Good on you, Mr. Tarker. Keep up the good work.....

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