Saturday, January 7, 2012

Four-Year-Old Fairy Tale

Play #1 "The Lighthouse Keeper" (written by Juliet Waller Pruzan, directed by Amy Poisson)

Amy talking to designers about incorporating "something ship-wrecky" and ending it on a, "may the force be with you, design team!"

Erin Bryn Fetridge to Brandon Simmons, "Oh, fucker, you were really trying to be the queen?!"

Amy, in talking about the world of the play, says, "In this world where 4-year-olds make the decisions..." followed quickly by a, "I love making up rules."

Amy, "I would have been a rock star. A singer."
Erin, "I would have been a fairy tale horse rider."
Brandon, "I would have been a GI Joe. Or a Barbie."
Paul Mullin, "I'm doing it right now. Being an asshole."

Amy, "And that's gonna be hilarious. When you pull out your little boat." I'm only guessing, but I'm gonna say that this little boat is a little different than yesterday's little man in the boat...

Cliff Hanger!

Amy, "We don't have time to ramp things up. It's just like, BOOM!"

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