Saturday, January 7, 2012

Overall Sense In Eagles' Aerie #1 On Saturday Morning

The scripts are more ambitious, the cast and crew are a touch exhausted. As is everyone's wont, a lot of energy was expended in delivering Friday's performance, and Saturday, there's just enough juice left for one more performance...maybe.

Meaning, everyone will be stretching that energy over two shows, and making it happen. Meaning, creative and emotional stakes are a little higher. I'll be honest, I like it that way, I do. I'll tell you why:

To my mind, part of the 14/48 appeal is the exertion it offers to everyone involved. It's about making it happen, no matter what your personal energy or current level of emotional investment. It's about the spirit of camaraderie to get through to the next moment, and excelling while you're doing that.

It's not about coasting. At least, not when you're doing it right. It's about trying new things, about reaching new heights, it's about going for the unexpected honest moment -- funny or dark -- not about the easy laugh. It's about challenging the artist and the audience, as well about enjoyment of creating and entertaining that audience...Again, when done right.

Are frayed energies and fraught emotions necessary to achieve that? Not necessarily, no. But they can be signs that the attempt to stretch with every fiber of your creative being is taking place. As long as it's being contained, and no one is being rude or dismissive of each other; as long as everyone is conscientious of the other beings in the room, then some raw nerves can be tolerable. Because we're trying, damn it.

And that is always a welcome sight, no matter the results.

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