Friday, January 6, 2012

It's 5:49 and I'm feelin' fine

Just finished my play.

It's kind of more like a sketch, but these are the things that happen. Cause...6 pages -- it always surprises me just how short that really is.

And each time I write for 14/48, I realize how ridiculous it is that I get flustered about the page limitations, yet the rest of my life has no page limitations and I've written jack squat.

Maybe I should hire people to make festivals just for me where there are deadlines but no page limits so that I actually write something someday...

...maybe I should stop being so procrastinasty.

That's a term I coined in urban dictionary ( and I try to work it into conversations regularly. It really undermines it when I have to point it out each time, though.

In short: I'll never learn.

In long: I'll neeevvvvvveerrrrrrr learrrnnnnnnnn

Here's a photo of an adorable kitten because I know people like that a lot. I'm one of those people.

- Celene RamaDONE

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Yar she Blows said...

Nutmeg goes perfectly with kittens.